Does Amy's use animal rennet cheese?

Nope. No way. Never. None of the rennet or cultures for our cheese is derived from animal sources and does not contain GMOs. Let us break it down for you. “Rennet” is a general term for the enzyme used to clot the milk during the cheesemaking process. In the past, rennet came from calves’ stomachs. Over the last few decades, excellent microbial/vegetarian rennets have been developed, which can be used to make high-quality cheese without the use of the animal-based ingredient. Some are natural enzymes, and some were developed through genetic engineering and are GMOs, which are unacceptable to Amy’s Kitchen. Amy's has always insisted that no animal enzymes or GMO-derived enzymes be used in any of the cheeses made specifically for us. We have strict standards for this, which are backed by supplier agreements and testing.